Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Mrs Joanne Guy was our Duffy hero this term. We all loved her visit and her great book "Snooty Stanley Plays a Prank".

She has now been adopted as an  honorary Member of Room 3 and Tawhero School. What a lovely lady!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Room 3's Team building/cooperative and  FUN Day out Term 1

                                            Starting the day-On our way, Ice-blocks breakfast
                                              Arrive and straight to the water
                                               Sean came along to help us-thanks Sean.
                                             Fly like an eagle
                                            Fun in the sun
                                          Chill'in and finding critters.
                                               Beach arts model
                                            Happy and talented
                                           Building team
                                             Cooperation and cute
                                           Think -discuss plan-do together
                                               working together-play together-"team"
                                           Creative beach artists in more than one way
                                             Art and playground -wow thanks council
                                                What a team-off exploring
                                           Doing the "bush walk" that's what the sign said to do!
                                           Doing the duck walk-ducks weren't impressed!
                                           BBQ sausages and bread for lunch
                                          A great day-tuckered out-time to return to school

Friday, 4 March 2016

Cooperative team activity T1 - design and make working catapult to throw a tennis ball as far as possible.

Good discussion before building.

Explaining their ideas to Matua Tim

everyone involved and working together

Having fun and learning


Even the Mums got a team together and worked well cooperatively- BUT  using phone to google a plan was not in the rules-disqualified -SORRY!!!!

More winners

And yet more winners